Recovery from Substance Abuse

At Spring Mountain Treatment Center, we approach addiction and substance use disorders as a chronic and progressive disease that significantly impacts the lives of patients and the loved ones who are trying to get them help.

Substance Use Detox Program

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

When adult patients come to us seeking treatment for addiction issues, we also treat the co-occurring psychiatric and behavioral issues that are preventing the patient from achieving a healthy, sustainable recovery. Our dual diagnosis program for adults follows the 12-step disease model of treatment, which has provided millions of people with a life of recovery. Our multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment allows us to care for the whole patient and enables us to teach them new ways to cope that can help prevent relapse. Addiction treatment and detox services are offered as a part of our Adult Acute Inpatient and Adult Intensive Outpatient programs.

Detox & Withdrawl

Detoxification and observation occur under the close supervision of our medical and nursing staff to withdrawal the patient from all chemicals and manage any medical needs that arise during treatment. Length of the detoxification period depends on the substance, and withdrawal symptoms and patterns will be different for each individual.

Detox is designed for adults likely to experience severe withdrawal complications requiring medical intervention. A comprehensive evaluation is conducted during this stage of treatment to determine the appropriate level of ongoing care. In some cases, medications may be used to manage withdrawal to minimize symptoms and keep the patient safe. The attending physician makes this call and adjusts depending on the symptoms experienced.

Upon successful completion of the detox phase of treatment, you will be referred to and connected with community providers to continue your journey of sobriety at a lower level of care.

Inspiring Hope

Get help for mental health and substance use issues, all in one place.