About Spring Mountain

Spring Mountain has provided mental health services to the Las Vegas community since 2001, treating children, teens, adults and senior adults with behavioral health or addiction issues.

Programs & Services

Our Treatment and Care

We offer a supportive and healthy environment with 24-hour care that allows people of all ages to make positive changes in their lives. Our primary location, Spring Mountain Treatment Center, focuses on the stabilization of acute symptoms for patients age 5 to 65, along with select outpatient care programs for teens. Our secondary location, Spring Mountain Sahara, houses our Adult Outpatient and Senior Adult Inpatient programs. With two facilities to serve you, we can assist you in your journey to wellness and recovery.

Our Vision and Mission

Inspiring Hope and Empowering Individuals and Creating Solutions through Proven Exceptional Care

Our Treatment Philosophy

Spring Mountain firmly believes that people struggling with co-occurring mental health issues and substance use disorders should receive concurrent treatment when appropriate. Alcohol and drug addictions are chronic, primary and progressive diseases with multiple causes that affect the social, physical, spiritual, cultural and emotional components of a person’s life. Our individualized treatment includes intensive physician involvement and medication management to help our patients regain a higher level of functioning so they may return home as soon as possible.

Our Staff’s Approach

The multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and therapists provides evidence-based clinical care including elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, activity therapy and individual, group and family therapy to aid in recovery. We work collaboratively with the patient, family and referring provider to get our patients back to their communities with a better outlook on life and healthier ways to manage their stressors.

Inspiring Hope

Get help for mental health and substance use issues, all in one place.